In the near future, I plan to publish and sell eBooks featuring curated collections of the interviews carried on this website. Sales of these eBooks will provide the means to deliver more content from varied sources as well as maintain an “ad free” policy integral to a distraction-free reading experience I myself value.

Gathering together related interviews based on genre, a particular theme, or even the region/city filmmakers are either based or from which they hail, the eBooks will offer exclusive content tailored to the specific capabilities of the platform:

  • Extended Interviews – the interviews featured on the website are only half of the questions asked. The eBooks will deliver the complete interview covering topics and movies from their filmographies in further detail.
  • Detailed Filmography – instead of a basic listing as found on the website, the eBook filmographies will be fully featured with synopses, production notes (if available), staff & cast credits, festival appearances & awards, technical details (runtime, screening format, etc.), as well as contact information for the person/company responsible for negotiating screenings or distribution.
  • More Stills – the site features a small selection of images per article to maintain the magazine “feel” and preserve the fluid reading experience. The eBooks will feature more stills and behind-the-scenes shots (when available) as well as images of the movie’s poster.
  • Video – when or if possible without affecting the download size, the eBooks will feature embedded trailers; or links to videos to be viewed on a browser or app (Youtube, Vimeo, etc.).

Once there is enough content on the website, I’ll begin curating the content for eBook publication. In the meantime, I am researching the technologies and services for creation and distribution which will fit my intentions and resources. Frequent the blog for stories on this process as well as details of when the eBooks will become available. You can also join the (planned) Newsletter to receive updates directly in your Inbox. I look forward to delivering to you the full-length interviews and exclusive features as originally intended for which the eBook experience is the perfect platform.