Indievisual is a web publication with the sole purpose of introducing Japanese filmmakers–and their films–who, for a variety of reasons, might not have the opportunity to gain international attention. Additionally, it will aim to maintain a presence for those who have already gained recognition abroad. Though the editorial focus will be centered on independent filmmakers and small to medium production houses, the early works and history of more renown directors, actors, etc. will also be covered on occasion in the interest of refreshing their visibility with readers.

First and foremost, there are a couple things this site will not feature. News & rumor bulletins will be left to the already countless sites on the web which compete in this field. Furthermore, do not expect any reviews as it is my strong belief that all films have an audience. Ever read diametrically opposite reviews of the same movie, as if the reviewers viewed two completely separate movies? Reviews are the personal opinions of a specific writer—professional or not—which should in no way serve as a measure of a film’s potential. By providing some insight into the filmmakers themselves, I hope to encourage a curiosity about their filmography, which may engender an interest to see, or similarly, lead to a desire to screen their works at an event for those who are in the position to make such decisions.

The heart and soul of Indievisual are interviews and articles. The newest interviews will be presented boldly with a large featured image in the Latest Interview section while interviews recently featured will be found just below in Featured Interviews. If you’re looking for More Interviews, check the section on the front page or click at the top menu for a listing of all interviews. The Side Stories section contains contributed articles as well as profiles of people, coverage of events active in Japan’s independent film scene, and other non-interview articles. Finally, Caught My Eye features brief summaries about movies I consider worthy of notice or that I am personally excited to see. If at all possible, English-subtitled trailers are included.

The interviews on the website are excerpts from much a longer interview which will be featured in curated eBooks to be sold through this site. For more information, please visit the eBooks page by clicking here. There are also plans for a Newsletter so readers will be informed of the latest additions to the site. More details can be found by clicking here. Also, make sure to check Backstory, my blog revealing the inner workings of the magazine among other inspiring or delightful musings both on and off-topic.

As the site grows, new sections may be added or current features expanded. Whatever form Indievisual may take, however, I will remain committed to long form writing, and continue aspiring to be an independent channel of information and insight connecting Japan’s independent filmmakers with their audience abroad.