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Indievisual Bookshop Announcement Image

Introducing the Indievisual Bookshop

Indievisual was started as a medium for supporting and crusading Japanese indie filmmakers and their movies. At the very foundation of these efforts is a strong, fundamental belief in and affinity for the unsung artist or small business. Purchasing directly from artists such as musicians and the patronage of local businesses whenever possible remains an integral aspect of daily life. Setting aside the marginal opportunities for indie films to be seen for the moment, one industry continues struggling to hold back the encroachment made to physical retailing by a single, dominant player. Publishing and book sellers are attempting to survive and remain essential in the age of Amazon. has come on to the scene to give local brick and mortar bookstores the online reach of their Goliath rival. Details behind the creation, intent, and business model of can be read Here or Here. Bookshop’s platform provides participating booksellers, publishers, artists, or online media with a virtual “shop” where books can be listed for visitors to purchase in direct support of small, independent booksellers as …