Introducing the Indievisual Bookshop

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Indievisual was started as a medium for supporting and crusading Japanese indie filmmakers and their movies. At the very foundation of these efforts is a strong, fundamental belief in and affinity for the unsung artist or small business. Purchasing directly from artists such as musicians and the patronage of local businesses whenever possible remains an integral aspect of daily life. Setting aside the marginal opportunities for indie films to be seen for the moment, one industry continues struggling to hold back the encroachment made to physical retailing by a single, dominant player.

Publishing and book sellers are attempting to survive and remain essential in the age of Amazon. Bookshop.org has come on to the scene to give local brick and mortar bookstores the online reach of their Goliath rival. Details behind the creation, intent, and business model of Bookshop.org can be read Here or Here. Bookshop’s platform provides participating booksellers, publishers, artists, or online media with a virtual “shop” where books can be listed for visitors to purchase in direct support of small, independent booksellers as an alternative to driving traffic toward Amazon.

Indievisual is taking advantage of this opportunity and will be supporting publishers and independent booksellers via this platform. The Indievisual Bookshop found at bookshop.org/shop/indievisualmag offers a selection of self-curated titles on filmmaking and filmmakers, especially as these relate to independent cinema. Additionally there is a list of novels, manga, and non-fiction books about Japanese culture or history. The books on offer have been personally read, are in the midst of being read (different titles started at different times but remain unfinished for one reason or another–everyone can relate right?), or listed as books to-be-read in the future. More titles will be added as they are discovered or recommended. Additionally, if you should be or know of someone who has written books on these subject matters, please do reach out at konnichiwa[at]indie-visual[dot]net and provide the ISBN number. As long as the title is offered within the network of independent sellers, they can be added to one of the two listings.

Furthermore, the online storefront is a function of an affiliate program therefore Indievisual also earns a small percentage off purchases directly made via these listings. This affords Indievisual readers an opportunity to support independent booksellers while also assisting Indievisual. Accrued earnings can help with operating costs, potentially add new capabilities, secure interviewees, or even assist funding trips to local film festivals which almost always are paid out-of-pocket. As previously stated, Indievisual is a passion project worked on between or after paying contracts. Monetizing aspects of the magazine has always been a goal in order to secure the resources toward developing the site and/or its content. Becoming a Bookshop.org affiliate will hopefully appeal to Indievisual readers as an alternative to ads by offering a win-win transaction which benefits publishers and independent book sellers while at the same time benefitting this self-run online magazine as it continues its mission to bang-the-drum for independent creators in Japanese cinema.

Please click the photo below to see the current book lists and pick up a book about cinema, filmmaking, a particular filmmaker, or perhaps a Japanese novel or book on its culture for your enjoyment.
**Important Note: Currently Bookshop and its fulfillment partner Ingram can only ship within the United States. They are working toward providing international options and/or partnerships with booksellers abroad so please stay tuned for future updates if you live outside the US.

Thank you for your support of independent bookstores (and Indievisual)!

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